Alouette Mountain Snowshoe on a St Patrick’s day!

It was forecast to be another beautiful spring day in the lower mainland and we decided to take advantage of it by tackling Alouette Mountain from the West Canyon side. This trail is steep and gains elevation very quickly. The wintertime views were fantastic with very firm clean snow covering the top of the mountains.

Total Distance: 11km
Elevation Gain: 1170m

We took a total of 8 hours to go up and down, with a very long break at the top to enjoy the spectacular views. The snow started at about 600m, but we were following some old footsteps and the snow was fairly firm so it was like a staircase. The snow started to get soft and deep at the junction to Evans peak approximately 900m, so we strapped on the snowshoes for the rest of the journey. I thought we might have needed crampons for the final assent, but the snow was perfect for just snowshoes.

The snow was pristine, except for a set of fresh bear tracks we ran into at about 1100m. We basically followed the tracks to the summit and watched them go straight down the other side of the mountain.









Here is a link to a couple of other trip reports:


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